Many countries have banned Coronavirus Vaccinators Of China Vaccine

china vaccinators not go to foreign countries
corona covid 19 coronavirus vaccine
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Anyone who has been vaccinated in China cannot go to many countries in the world:

ISLAMABAD: Pakistanis who have been vaccinated against the coronavirus in China are banned from traveling to other countries, including Saudi Arabia, the United States, and the United Kingdom. Members Corona Expert Advisory.
According to the group (CIAG), in some countries, citizens were given a boost dose of Faiz after the water vaccine, but no such policy is under consideration in Pakistan. Melkor V Expert is looking at the Advani Group and telling all countries to accept all certified vaccines. According to Siag members, the WHO is looking into the matter and soon all countries will change their policy on the appreciation. Modern vaccines are now being developed for those who want to go abroad from Pakistan.
The second dose is required for a minimum of 28 days. On the other hand, during the ongoing third Um of Corona Water C, Pakistan was handed over the number of Rona Maritas.
Reached 20th position in the list compiled by the police, 24 more marls in police stations
According to the National Command and Control Center (NGO), 1683 new cases of coronavirus have been reported in Pakistan during the last 24 months.
A further 6,683 cases have come to light, 24 more people have lost their lives in the face of this deadly epidemic, another 1,084 corpses have been cured, the key rate of registration has become 3.3 percent. Country.
The total number of people infected with the Core V virus has risen to 22,493, while the total number of Corona malignancies has risen to 67,633. A total of 34,531 deaths from coronavirus are being treated in hospitals, caravan centers, and homes across the country, including.

Situation of coronavirus:

The condition of 1,990 Marines is critical, with a total of 10,609 deaths so far.
Have been healed. Meat in 24 senses.
I went for another 50,531 tests for the Corona virus, so far 14,011,743 cores have been tested. Camels fell 24 places across Pakistan.
4 to 12 thousand 239 people have been vaccinated against the corona virus so far
The number of Marina virus victims in Punjab is higher than in other provinces, so far.
347,347 corps deaths have been reported in the world. The number of deaths here is more than in other cases which have reached 10,799. Coronavirus in Sindh
The number of patients has reached 343,303, resulting in 5,552 deaths. Corona virus in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
The number of Marines has reached 130,855
Yes, it brought the death toll here to 346. Federal Dara Takomat Islamabad 83,259 coronavirus.
So far, at least 781 people have died from the outbreak. Coronavirus In Balochistan, 27,502 cases have been reported so far where 315 people have contracted the disease
Have passed away In Azad Jammu and Kashmir, 20,728 deaths of coronavirus have been reported so far As many as 590 deaths have been reported so far. 6,639 deaths from coronavirus have been reported in Gilgit-Baltistan
111 people have died so far.

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