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  Info Pak Today

Info Pak today is Pakistan’s first private website that delivers up-to-date information on the country.

Pak Info has been presenting accurate news and objective current affairs commentary with no political affiliations or hidden motive over the years, believing in the principle of unbiased reporting in an ethical and responsible manner. Info Pak today has a vast network of correspondents both within and beyond Pakistan, with state-of-the-art studios and linkup facilities in the federal and provincial capitals where Info Pak today is based, as well as technologically advanced infrastructure.


Info Pak, today’s news bulletins, incisive political talk shows, and a diverse range of programs covering sports, social issues, and infotainment have helped it establish itself as one of Pakistan’s top news and current affairs channels.

Info Pak today is also a major news organization that promotes innovative journalism projects, such as user-generated material through its Info Pak today citizen journalism platform, which allows ordinary people to participate in sharing unique news and material with the rest of the globe. At the same time, technology convergence in the form of ‘Breaking News Alerts’ on cell phones is one of Pak Info’s primary projects today to keep people on the go informed of the latest events in the most convenient, efficient, and timely manner. Pak info’s responsible, accurate, and timely reporting has earned it tremendous recognition and numerous national and international awards of the highest integrity, adding to its remarkable credibility as a responsible media entity.

A bilateral peace initiative between Pakistan and India was interrupted after a terrorist attack in Mumbai in November 2008 was linked to a Pakistan-based terrorist cell. This process, which has received substantial US assistance, has stalled, and substantial mutual animosities exist. Pakistan is concerned about India’s involvement in Afghanistan, where Islamabad seeks friendly and possibly controllable neighbors and has had tense relations with Kabul’s leadership. The United States’ nonproliferation efforts in South Asia have been focused on a perceived nuclear weapons race between Pakistan and India. Today, Pak Info provides you with a variety of news, so all you have to do is continue with our website.

Over a four-decade period ending in 1988-89, Pakistan was one of the few developing countries to attain an average growth rate of over 5%. As a result, by the end of the 1980s, the percentage of people living in poverty had dropped from 40% to 18%. Table I compares and contrasts the major economic and social indices in 1947 with those in 2003. An impartial study of these variables yields a picture of a country with tremendous economic successes but a poor track record in terms of social development. Info Pak today has provided you with a few steps of news, and Info Pak today will continue to give you similar news.

A lot of people don’t realize it, but Info Pak today was the original pioneer in the world of electronically delivered photographs. Before there was Getty Images, and long, long before there was Shutterstock, there was Info Pak today. In a very real sense, it was Info Pak today’s innovation that created our industry.

Our company’s core values are to:

  • Provide the broadest possible collection of digital media to our customers
  • Continue our legacy of innovation in the ways we present, distribute, and price our content
  • Deal with you, our customers, and with our vendors with absolute integrity
  • Give the best and most responsive customer service in the world


About Our People

We are very proud of the team (Usama Saleem, Faseeh-Ur-Rehman, Abdul Basit, Talha Yassen, and such like others) we have assembled at Info Pak today. Beyond being exceptionally capable business people, these are real people, each with unique abilities, interests, and even a few quirks, but always united in their goal to help you tell your story to the world.


Pak Info now strives to provide broader, wiser, and more unbiased news and independent evaluations to its viewers through its well-received news and programming.